Unapologetically, Black AF.

By: Terrence A. Merkerson

Another February.

Another Black History Month.

While we Black folks celebrate our abbreviated history as people in this nation, there will also be a certain kind of American still asking (in 2019), “Why do they get their own month? Why can’t we have a White history month.” This year, good brothers and sisters, I am neither answering or acknowledging those questions. My grandma used to tell me that sometimes, you just have to leave people to marinate in their own ignorance for the sake of your own sanity. So, I’m just gonna roll with that this year. (Thanks, G-Ma.)

The theme for this & every year (at least for me) is self-care, self-love, and self-preservation. When I say “self—”, I’m referring to US, as a collective. I just want to love on us and support us this month. We should be doing this all of the days of all of the months, but in the spirit of OUR foremothers and forefathers, I would like to encourage all of us to do just a little bit more to love, lift and highlight each other this February.

Usually, we take BHM to look back on the great heroes, heroines, leaders, innovators, pioneers, and rebels of the past that trailblazed the path for us. This year, let’s look to our heroes and heroines and to their spirit of freedom, courage, unity, and liberation. Let’s channel the power of our history and use that power to continue moving forward.

Let’s acknowledge and celebrate our current heroes and heroines. Let’s empower them, as we also continue to acknowledge, celebrate and empower each other.

Love US. Be Black AF this month.

In honor of the remarkable, resilient and innovative spirit of our people, Avenue Fifteen would like to present you with the soundtrack for your Black History Month…

A playlist that is Unapologetically, Black AF. 

Click the link below of your streaming platform of choice. Enjoy! #Build

Apple Music



Terrence A. Merkerson is the Founder & Creator of Avenue Fifteen. Terrence earned Bachelor’s Degrees in both Political Science and Gender/Race Studies from the University of Alabama. Terrence also completed Graduate School at the University of Alabama, earning a Master’s Degree in Communication and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Business Administration at Louisiana State University.

He currently resides in Charlotte, NC.


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