No Love Lost: On Marriage Equality | T. A. Merkerson

Today’s Supreme Court ruling finally answered the call that has been ringing in the ears of American citizens for decades. In a 5-4 ruling, under the parasol of the Fourteenth Amendment, same-sex marriage is now legal nationwide.

This a momentous victory for those who advocate for gay and equal rights, especially considering that just over a decade ago, Massachusetts was the first state (and only state at the time) to legalize gay marriage. There is no reason to re-state the many reasons why this decision was necessary and again, there will no doubt be significant amounts of resistance (see the good ‘ol boys and gals in my home state of Alabama), but let us stop for a moment and acknowledge one of the few (and far in between) times that our justice system got it right.

I understand the meticulousness and hesitance in which the Supreme Court hands out rulings and I have come to appreciate the Supreme Court of today, much more so than those of the past. The SC knows now that bullshit will not fly. Our nation as a whole has become too accepting, progressive and politically correct for blatant acts of legislative indiscretion and indecision. But honestly, whether this decision came as the result of well-thought and vigorous debate, aimed in equality and progressiveness or as the result of well-thought and vigorous debate, aimed in saving their own asses, I’m satisfied.

As an advocate of equality in all of its shades, sexes and genders, I am truly happy today. I firmly believe that the union of two individuals, in its purest form, under the eyes of God and confirmed by the law of the land is an enduring expression of devotion, commitment, and affection. No man or woman should be denied in pursuit of something so fundamentally inherent, regardless of whether he or she chooses to love a he or she, especially by law.



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